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This will have to be a quick post, as we’re in a breakfast place and the boys have one need after another to be addressed.  This is much easier to do after they have gone to bed.  So here are some pictures.

From Sundance, we headed to Devil’s Tower.  I thought we’d spend the morning there, but in the end we spent most of the day.

They could have sat by the prairie dog town all day.

We hiked all the way around the tower.  Only a mile and a half unless you insist on scrambling over every single boulder on the way.

From there, we drove up into the Bighorns, racing darkness to make camp (in the rain).  After a very cold night, we woke to sunshine by a pretty mountain river.

Andrew practicing his fish stabbing technique.

Driving from east to west on Hwy 14 in the Bighorns, you have to make a choice at Burgess Junction: Left on 14 or right on 14A.  Last time through, I went left.  This time I got to see what I had missed . . . 14A led to some very dramatic mountain driving (was to be a theme for the day).

Big snow year for Wyoming meant there was lots to play in at the summit.

From there, we crossed the Bighorn Basin to Red Lodge, MT, and headed up into the Beartooth Mountains.  The next 60 miles took us about four hours with all the stopping and gawking and playing we did.  Simply put, this was by far the most dramatic and beautiful mountain drive I have ever been on.  Unfortunately, just as the sun started going down and the light got really nice for photography, the boys (suffering from extreme sensory overload) fell asleep, so I just drove on through.

Where’s Andrew?  Would rather sit in the car than wear a hat.

We decide to climb a little mountain.

All smiles at the summit.

Unfortunately, there was so much snow in the mountains that almost all of the FS campgrounds were closed, and the few that were open were filled.  So we roughed it in Cooke City, just outside the northeast entrance to Yellowstone.  For the next several days, we’ll camp in the park (coming back up to Silver Gate tonight for fireworks) before heading down to Jackson to get Belinda at the airport next Wednesday.

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