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With just under two weeks to go before departing for Chilé, I took advantage of last week’s rain (finally) to get on the water for a tune-up, linking up with some Atlanta Whitewater Club boaters for a run in Alabama’s Little River Canyon.

I clearly have some work to do when I head south next week—maybe more of a complete rebuild than a simple tune-up.


Things heading south in a hurry at Bottleneck.  I manage to run the meat backwards and then upside down.

A promise to any of my readers who happen to paddle—most kayaking blogs tend to feature fit and fearless twenty-somethings firing off the gnar, but my dispatches from the Futaleufu will be more like the confessions of a mere mortal in over his head.  I probably won’t use the word “gnar” ever again.  If I can go to the Fu, so can you.  And they need you down there.

Anyway, what an unbelievably beautiful place LRC is!  I don’t get to run it often, but it has become perhaps my favorite.  And among the legion of Romans we met up with on the river (Rome, GA, that is) I was inspired by the example of “Frank” paddling with his two grown sons.  Now that’s quality time with the kids—I’ll consider myself fortunate indeed to do the same in years to come.


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